Review of Renee Bollywood Filter and Face Gloss Gold

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Review of Renee Bollywood Filter and Face Gloss Gold
Review of Renee Bollywood Filter and Face Gloss Gold

Today’s post is a combi-review of two very trending cosmetic products which are all over social media these days: Renee Bollywood Filter and Renee Face Gloss. The former claims to be primer with hyaluronic acid which blurs out pores and gives your face a “filter like smoothness” and the later claims to add the famous “glass glow” on your face. I am very much into skincare these days and am steering away from conventional makeup, so anything which adds to the dazzling glow of skin is attracting me :P Read on to see if these are worth the hype!

Price: Renee Bollywood Filter retails for 450 INR for 30 grams and Renee Face Gloss is 599 for 10 ml. However, both products are almost always on discount on their website and on Amazon.

Where to buy: HERE and HERE

Claims of both products:

RENEE's Bollywood Filter primer is perfect for all skin types, and it can help unravel your glamorous avatars, transforming you into a Bollywood diva!

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, this primer can provide a smooth canvas for your makeup application. You no longer have to worry about your makeup smudging or fading away because this primer is a long-lasting formula that can keep your makeup in place for hours.

Apart from its cosmetic benefits, this primer can also protect your skin from harmful external factors. The silicon-based formula creates a barrier between your skin and makeup, preventing any damage caused by the chemicals present in makeup products.

It also hydrates and nourishes your skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple, and refreshed. In conclusion, if you're looking for a primer that can serve as a pore filler, base makeup, and pore minimizer, RENEE's Bollywood Filter primer for face makeup is the product for you. It can give you a flawless, silky-smooth finish and protect your skin from harmful external factors. So, don't wait any longer, get your hands on this amazing product, and achieve your dream of becoming a Bollywood diva!


RENEE’s Face Gloss coats your skin in a natural radiance like the reflection of light on the surface of clear water. It is designed to achieve a natural-looking, transparent, glass effect in a moisturizing lightweight texture for you to get the ultimate dewy skin look. The universal shades looks good in any skin tone and has been created to dress your skin in a dazzling glow. It gives you a glassy finish with a pearlescent effect and a buildable payoff, so you can flaunt your radiant skin morning, noon, and night! It contains crystal-like ultra-fine reflecting pigments to deliver a translucent luminosity that seems to radiate from within your skin. Formulated with a combination of multi-functional emollients, it confers high gloss, low tack, smudge-resistant qualities to the texture while delivering an anti-aging, moisturizing effect and moist, hydrated after-feel. Let your skin glow with the brilliance of a clear crystal wherever you go!


My take: Renee Bollywood Filter comes in a transparent plastic tub with black plastic lid. The lid is not very sturdy and mine got damaged in transit. Face gloss on the other hand comes in a glass bottle with dropper.


Renee Bollywood Filter
Renee Bollywood Filter 

Bollywood Filter has a pale pink colour and slightly firm gel texture. It is silicon based and although am not a very big fan of silicon infused things on skin, this one is quite moisturizing. It definitely blurs out my pores around my nose and also adds a very pale pink glow (that won’t be visible on deeper complexions).

Renee Face Gloss
Renee Face Gloss Gold

Face gloss comes in two shades: Gold and Rose Gold. I took the Gold shade. This one is liquid and is white in color with VERY finely milled gold dust. Compared to Swiss beauty Illuminating primer (Read review HERE), I found this one is even more subtle. Something I love! It makes it easier to wear even in daytime.

Have a look at the swatches:


Swatch of Renee Bollywood Filter and Face Gloss



Blended Swatch

They both work extremely well on their own and also underneath makeup. I don’t have an oily skin so these lasted as long as I washed them off. For people with no major skin concerns, these will be a very good addition to the vanity. For extremely deep set pores or uneven skin, these will be able to blur out only to an extent.


Ingredients Bollywood Filter

Here, I have used Renee Bollywood filter and Renee Face Gloss Gold on my face with no other makeup and in the next photo I have them along with Myglamm Serum Foundation (read Review HERE). Notice How I didn’t have to add any highlighter and still there is a subtle glow on my face 😊

On bare Face


With makeup

Overall, I am super happy with both of these products. A tad expensive yes, but worth it of you want to add a little glow to your face!

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