Fashion Trends: Dress types suited to curvy and/or broad shouldered ladies

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Dress types suited to curvy and/or broad shouldered ladies
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Hey ladies! I had been thinking of doing this post since quite some time now, but laziness was getting better of me. This post is about something ladies like me (read curvy and broad shouldered) face every day: coming across lovely western dresses online, but unsure about trying them because we feel those dresses are only for women with “perfect” figure. And if you hail from a small town like me, things get worse because any girl above 16 wearing frocks or skirts which shows off their legs is seen with disdain :-/ Also, more often than not, the options listed on Indian online shopping sites either seems too short, too flimsy or too sheer for our comfort. This post will show the dress types which actually worked for me and I could wear such types outside my residence without feeling uncomfortable! Check and make your wishlist now :D

Without further ado, let’s start!
1.     A solid dark coloured dress with tiny prints: If you haven’t worn western dresses ever outside your home after crossing 16, you might want to try them at home first initially so that you don’t get fidgety when you wear them outside. For this purpose, a breezy light dress like this will keep you comfortable throughout the day. The dark colour and tiny prints will ensure you look slimmer; the elasticised waist will help you ditch that belt (Who wants to wear a belt for whole day! Duh), knee-length will make sure you are not uncomfortable about too much leg-show and the comfortable cotton fabric will ensure a breezy fit through the day :) I love wearing such dresses at home!

Dress types suited to curvy and/or broad shouldered ladies
Solid colored breezy dress

2.     An Ankle-length printed flared dress: Once you are comfortable enough wearing dresses at home, try venturing out now with a dress like this. A solid colored torso will ensure your bust looks in shape, flared and printed skirt area will take the attention away from your upper body and the ankle length will ensure you don’t have to bother about leg –show when you are busy with chores like shopping!
Dress types suited to curvy and/or broad shouldered ladies
Ankle length dress

3.     A midi-length floral print dress: Now that you have broken through your “I-cannot-wear-a-dress” lock, you can try a floral and summery print dress like this for those girls’ day out or a brunch with your friends! Pair this with wedges or bellies and an oversized watch and you are sorted J Again, the midi length will ensure you remain not too conscious about the legs.
Dress types suited to curvy and/or broad shouldered ladies
Floral Print dress

4.     Formal skirt dress: Well, life is not always a party. To pay bills, we need to go to work as well :-/ For work wear, I prefer these types of structured skirt dresses. The length makes it modest enough and if you are conscious about wearing sleeveless to work, throw on a summer blazer over this :D
Dress types suited to curvy and/or broad shouldered ladies
Work skirt dress
5.     A thick fabric bodycon dress: The first thing which used to come in my mind when I heard “bodycon” dresses were skimpy, skin hugging, flimsy material dresses which looks vulgar on most figures. That was before I came across this kind of options online were thick materials were used for these dresses so that they accentuate your curves without being clingy! This shape has become my favourite now and if you avoid flimsy materials in bodycon dresses, then nothing can be more classy! You can easily wear a dress like this to a party. Just accessorize it with a thick pearl bracelet, wear nude or black pumps, skip dark lipstick and choose an MLBB shade, highlight your skin and you are ready to turn heads! ;)
Dress types suited to curvy and/or broad shouldered ladies
Bodycon dress

6.     A classic black dress: Finally time for the evening with your “special one”. I personally prefer black or reds for such occasions (Yes yes, those are hubby’s favourite colours on me too!). This solid black dress will make you look trimmer and the lace details add much feminine allure to the ensemble! The dress length can be just to the knee level and so if you are conscious, you may wear a good pair of sheer stockings underneath. A classic winged eyeliner, red lips (or smokey eyes and red lips. Read tutorial HERE) along with some delicate gold tone accessories will complete this look. Black pumps will complete your stunning attire.
Dress types suited to curvy and/or broad shouldered ladies
Black lace dress
Online shopping in India gives you enough options to find your desired dresses. So what do you think girls? :D Ready to step out of your comfort zone and try dresses now? :) Let us know!!!

Image Source: All images have been taken from except the first image.

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