Review of Bella Vita Organic Superscrub

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bella vita organic Superscrub
Bella Vita Organic Superscrub

Hello! I am back again with another product from Bella Vita Organic. I am really quite impressed with this brand after using five or six of their products. This time it was their “Superscrub” which claims to be a cream-based scrub for face, neck, underarms, elbows, knees and feet: for the entire you in a nutshell :D Read on to see how this one fared, because my only concern was, a facial scrub would be too mild for the body and a body scrub would be too harsh on face.

Product Claim, Directions for use and Ingredients list: (Please refer the image)

Price: Rs.399 for 85gm (Sounds a bit pricey but their website almost always have some offers going on which you can avail. Check HERE)

Ingredients and Directions for use

Packaging: An aesthetic outer carton in abstract graphics and a sturdy plastic lightweight jar housing the crème-scrub. Functional, easy-to-carry and cute.

My Take: While I am all for multi-use products, I was a bit sceptical about this scrub since I have used scrubs in the past which were either too mild or too grainy and harsh. So while the mild ones worked for the face, they were useless on the body and the gritty ones were a nightmare for the face!

Bella Vita Organic Superscrub

The Bella Vita Organic Superscrub turned out to be somewhere in between too mild and too gritty. The crème base is quite emollient and not very greasy. The scrub particles are not harsh on face if we use a light-hand while massaging. However, if you are used to chemical exfoliation on face, any sort of physical exfoliation might not be suitable for you. For others who have never tried chemical exfoliation, this scrub definitely will work for you.

Bella Vita Organic Swatch

This scrub works very well on the neck area leaving it squeaky clean. Also it doesn’t dry out the skin like most other scrubs. Although, I will mention here that I never fail to use a moisturizer after a scrubbing and cleaning ritual on my dry skin. Still, even before that, Bella Vita Superscrub makes the skin look very plump and nourished.

Bella Vita Organic Superscrub

Comparing the scrub particles of this scrub with the Bella Vita Organic Glowey Face scrub mask (read review HERE), this scrub is slightly more grainy than the mask.

I would rate this mask a 4/5, deducting a mark only for the price point because at its full price, it might not be affordable to a group of buyers. But people who have used luxury and high-end brands, Bella Vita Organic products definitely beats most of them in terms of quality offered at this price point.

Have you used any product from this brand? Let us know in comments!

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