Review of Deyga Under Eye Cream

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Review of Deyga under eye cream
 Review of Deyga Under Eye cream

Alongwith using Deyga’s Rosehip seed oil daily (Review
HERE), I am also using their under eye cream everyday at bedtime. To be honest, under eye care is somethi g I conveniently forget most of the days. But now that I have crossed the “30” threshold, and am the mommy of a very active and less sleepy toddler, tired eyes is something I wake up to every morning. I do not yet have deep set crows-feet around my eyes, but the skin around my eyes does look dull I must admit. So naturally, I was pleased to receive this under eye cream from Deyga. Read on to see how it fared.

Ingredients in Deyga Under Eye Cream: Kalonji Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Almond Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil, Carrot seed oil, Vitamin E oil.

(You must be aware of health benefits of all the ingredients mentioned here except for Tamanu oil. I did some look-up on the internet and came up with this wonderful article on this oil which says it is a nut oil which is anti-ageing, anti-blemish and is used for to treat sun burns, insect bites and a whole lot of other benefits)

Price: 590 INR for 24 gm (Best before eight months from date of manufacturing)


Review of Deyga Under Eye Cream
Ingredients list

It is packed in a cute little metal “dibbi” and instructs to “Dab gently around the eyes before bedtime”. It does not advise on twice a day application like most unfer eye creams, so I feel this 24gm pack will last a real long time, in case you were put off by the price factor.

Review of Deyga Under Eye Cream
Size reference 

The texture of this under eye cream will instantly remind you of “Ghee” or homemade clarified butter, that ever-so-slight grainy texture which melts with the warmth of fingers? Deyga Under Eye cream is exactly like that. So yes, it is oil based, not something for you if you are looking for a water-based under eye gel. But if you on the other side of 25 and wanting a nourishing cream, then this cream is not going to disappoint you.

Review of Deyga Under Eye Cream
Close Look of Deyga Under Eye Cream

It is almost scentless except a faint smell of Kalonji seeds. This is the first thing I liked about this cream. I absolutely hate chemical laden strong smelling creams. Although oil-based, the cream does not seem heavy or tugging around the eye contour at all. You need to take a REALLY tiny amount, like so.

Review of Deyga Under Eye Cream
Amount required

Review of Deyga Under Eye Cream
Texture of Deyga Under Eye cream

My dark circles are really deep now so it is not possible for any cream to work wonders overnight, but my eye contour does feel refreshed the next day morning now. I will update this section on whether or not it worked on my dark circles after I finish up this eye cream. Meanwhile, did you check my previous post on Deyga Rosehip seed oil HERE?

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