Review of Deyga Rosehip Seed Oil

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Review of Deyga Rosehip Seed oil

After my first impression post on Deyga products, I am back with detailed review on each of the products as promised. Today it is Deyga Rosehip Seed Oil since my dry skin loves any kind of facial oils. I also love reading about these oils (whenever my toddler lets me!) and rosehip seed oil seemed perfect for my skin. It is loaded with Vitamin A, C and E which helps in evening out skin tone and fade blemishes or scars; the fatty acids in it also promotes cell regeneration for a radiant and supple skin. What’s not to love about rosehip seed then? :D

Ingredients in Deyga Rosehip seed oil: Cold pressed Rosehip seed oil

Price: 550 INR for 30 ml (Best before eight months from date of manufacturing)

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Packed in a dark tinted glass bottle with a dropper dispenser, Deyga’s rosehip seed oil has a pretty pastel pink label. The dropper is functional and the bottle would sit pretty on your dresser. When travelling you can use the cylindrical tube packaging that they send their products in to avoid damage, so yes, it is a good idea to retain the tube pack.

Review of Deyga Rosehip Seed oil

The oil is a bright sunshine yellow and not very greasy or heavy on skin. Though directions are to “massage on face and body and wash it off with a cleanser”, I do not like washing off facial oils. Since I use it in bedtime, I just apply it directly after I tone my face, with a dab-pat-dab motion. On some days, I also like to mix it with my aloevera gel (the non tinted ones) to get a soufflé like consistency and then massage on my face. In both cases, I do not wash it off.

Deyga Rosehip seed oil bottle

On my normal-dry skin (and I am 30), this oil feels very luxuriant and emollient. There is no strong smell to irritate your sensitive nose. I find my skin calm (no redness) and glowy next morning. However, am not very sure how this will work on oily skin or combination skin types. Maybe they would have to mix it with some lighter gels or water based moisturizers to avoid getting too oily.

Swatch on palm

Oil spread on palm

Oil blended

It’s just a week that I am using this one, so it is too early to comment on how effective this is in bringing long term glow, but then again, that also depends on a lot of lifestyle habits :P Overall, I am finding myself reaching out for this little bottle very often, which is a good sign I feel. Cheers to skincare! What are you guys using these days? Comment and let me know while I test the other Deyga products!

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