First Impressions: Deyga Skincare and Haircare Products

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Deyga products

Hello everyone! This post is on a pretty package of skincare and haircare products which I received from a new brand in the block for review. Deyga is a new brand offering luxurious ingredients crafted into skincare, haircare and oralcare and I was quite impressed by their product line on their website. Before I go into details, here is what the brand has to say about itself :
What is Deyga?
Deyga is a homegrown brand with a strong belief that our traditional rescue for skin and hair will always make one’s life easy and satisfied. Our products are hand crafted with love. Each product that we manufacture has a touch of tradition and care. Our products range from skincare, haircare, lipcare, oral care, footcare, eyecare, baby care, bath and body care and wellness etc.

I had a tough time choosing between products on their website as the ingredients of each product seemed so good. There are individual products as well as premade kits of multiple products serving our concerns. There is also an option on the site where you can choose your skin type and concern and they would give you a list of their products suited to your needs :)

Deyga products first impression

I ended up choose four products: The beautifying serum, Rosehip seed oil, Undereye cream and their hair serum.
The packet reached me within a week. I am thoroughly impressed by the care taken for packaging these glass bottles. Apart from enough bubble wrap and paper layers inside the carton, each bottle was encased in a cute but sturdy cylindrical tube with lids. There was no leakage from any bottle :D 

Packaging of Deyga products

I am looking forward to use these and give a detailed review on each of them (because who doesn’t love self care!) . Till then, go check their site, you won’t be disappointed 😊

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