Review of Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal

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Elle 18 has been the “first makeup” as teenagers or college-goers for many of us ‘90s babies mostly because their quality in that low price range won our hearts. But then, makeup bug bit us, we grew up and began emptying pockets on insanely priced makeup brands. Sounds familiar? I am guilty of that too. Elle 18 products somehow lay forgotten in our “advanced” makeup world. But the brand continued improving their products in that same amazing price range. Now, as a mommy of a hyper-active toddler, I barely get time for even a moisturizer. New makeup launches do not excite me anymore mostly because “where is the goddamn time?!”. But somehow I take time out for a dab of powder and some kajal and lipbalm. My Plum kajal (review HERE) got over recently and that’s how I ended up going back to my old favourite because I didn’t want to shell too much money. Read on to see Elle 18 kajal works as well as expensive counterparts.

The product comes in a twist-up retractable pencil form and retails for Rs.140 for 0.35gm. Amazon had a sale going on where you can buy a pack of two for Rs.180. So the frugal momma in me grabbed the deal.

Retractable kajal

The product had no smell or fragrance and did not sting on the eye waterline. Brand claims it safe for contact-lens wearers too. Now if you have used Maybelline Colossal kajal (Review here), you will now the characteristic “matte black” of that one. The matte sometimes verges on being a tad dry too. Elle 18 kajal on the other hand, is not as intense as the Colossal kajal, but glides a lot better than that one. Application is super smooth. Now, the slight creaminess also allows you to “smudge” harsh lines (if you drew on your upper lash line as well) for a smokey effect.

Swatch of Elle 18kajal

Regarding the non-smudge claim, it didn’t give me raccoon eyes, but the kajal did spread a tad towards the outer edge of my eyes after four to five hours of wearing it. The pigment was still there on the lashline, however there was some fading on the waterline. I must admit though that my face didn’t have anything else on. I guess on a face prepped up properly with foundation, concealer and powder, this kajal would perform better. It is water resistant for sure because it didn’t budge when my son playfully splashed water on my face.

Overall, I may not recommend this kajal for heavy duty times like on a bride without setting the eye contour with more porudtcs, but for a daily basis, I am actually loving this kajal: It is smooth, is sufficiently black, doesn’t smudge like crazy and stays for a considerable time.
Do you think Elle 18 kajal can make it to your daily makeup kit? Or does it look like NAH to you J Tell me in comments!

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