The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel Review

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After quite a few makeup products reviews, I am back today in my comfort zone: Skincare. As a new mommy, I am hardly getting any time for even normal CTM routine (Cleansing Toning Moisturizing). My skin looked lackluster within a month of my delivery and I realized that I need to atleast do something about now that the humidity in Assam is at its peak. Most of us opt for Aloe Vera gels in summers.  However, they do little for my dry skin. That’s when my close friend Tapaswini suggested that I try bamboo gel from The Face Shop which is a South Korea based skincare brand. I trust her blindly when it comes to product reviews and promptly placed order for it from Nykaa.

Product Name:
The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel
Brand Claims:
A moisture-rich soothing gel that contains bamboo extract from Damyang, the Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel by Faceshop is a multi-use goodie that can be used on the face and body. This product has infused gel-type texture that gives a moisture massage to skin with cooling, soothing effects. In a nutshell, this lovely gel is a design that looks like freshly cut bamboo infused with bamboo water! Some Bamboo love anyone?”

 Rs.390 for 300 ml  (Almost always on offer price at 350(A HUGE tub!)
Available at:

Not mentioned anything apart from Damyang Bamboo extract and Hyaluronic acid which creates moisture barrier.

I am smitten by this huge tub :D It actually looks like a piece of freshly cut bamboo! The water droplets printed on the tub makes it look so much like a fresh bamboo plant. But nevertheless, it cannot be ignored that such a huge tub is not travel friendly at all. It is just meant to sit pretty on your dresser. If you have to travel with this, you would need to transfer an amount of it into a smaller tub. Regarding hygiene issue, many do not prefer tubs, but I really do not have any issue with tubs. I just ensure I have freshly cleaned and dried hands.

My take:
While reading various articles on benefits of bamboo gel for skincare I found that bamboo has highest natural reserves of Silica. We all have Silica naturally occurring in our skin which forms a major part of our skin’s collagen reserve. But with age, silica in collagen decreases thus giving way to wrinkles, blemishes etc. Thus, an external application of a gel rich in natural silica would work in plumping, refreshing and repairing skin.

Also, bamboo gel is packed with antioxidants; it is very mild and has anti acne properties as well. It hydrates dry skin and retains the moisture.

But all these plethora of information about bamboo gel dawned on me only after I have finished half the tub! Initially I did not expect anything other than a cooling moisturizer for my face from this gel. But after almost 3 months now, I have started noticing that inspite of me having a total sleepless schedule (new mommies will understand), my face looks fresh and the skin looks plump every morning. There is no trace of tiredness or dullness on my face (apart from stubborn dark circles). It was then I realized that this bamboo gel might be the reason for this since I am using only this on my face three times a day after cleansing and toning with Biotique Honeywater Toner (read review HERE)

The gel is very mildly fragranced and is transparent. It appears greenish in the tub due to reflection from the green tub packaging.

However, I need to mention here that on my dry skin, although the gel seeps in almost immediately as I apply it and addresses the dry patches, my face feels like it still needs some more moisture. So what I do is, after I apply body lotion all over my body, I run my palms (with whatever little lotion is left after massaging on body) over my face. Many would cringe at the thought of a body lotion remnants being applied on face, but trust me, each skin is different and mine has no issue with body lotions.

So, this gel would work for oily skin, combination skin and normal skin. For normal to dry skin like mine, a tad bit of more moisture is required. Also, for winters this would only serve as a pre moisturizer serum for me. I would definitely require a thicker cream then.

I feel I have used this enough for an honest review. The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo gel truly has made my skin smoother and inspite of a routine which is making me totally ignore my skin. In the picture below I have nothing on my face except a red lip color. There is no foundation or any other base makeup. Only The Face Shop Bamboo gel freshly applied.

I would rate this  3.9/5 since this is quite a decent product. Also, the quantity provided at this price is huge! So that makes it skincare at budget :D Looking forward to try the Lotus Gel from this brand next.

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