Gillette Subscribe to Smooth Challenge Day 4:Best hair removal method!

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Gillette Subscribe to Smooth Challenge: Best hair removal method!
Ever since I have taken up the Gillette Subscribe to Smooth Challenge (Read the first post on the event HERE), my faith on an “already favourite” became stronger with every myth busted. Haven’t gone through the busted myths about shaving yet? Check them out HERE and HERE. Read on to find out my further two cents on shaving:

Even though I had tried other razors before, but Gillette Venus gave a whole new experience. Their claims proved totally right!
·        Gillette Venus razors come with advanced features to give you a smooth shave
·        Three curve-hugging blades for a flawless finish with virtually no missed hair
·        Protective cushions that gently glide over skin for a smooth and comfortable hair removal experience
·        A contoured non-slip handle that is designed to fit perfectly in a woman’s hand thereby providing great control even in the shower
·        Gillette Venus razors are inbuilt with natural ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E that leave the skin soft and smooth

Gillette Subscribe to Smooth Challenge: Best hair removal method!

Truth be told, I found Gillette Venus razor beneficial in more than one way. They are value for money and are portable. There is no skin damage. No need to book salon appointments because its do it at home! And last but not the least it saves time because it can easily be your regular shower routine.

Whatever myths I had regarding shaving, like “Will my skin turn darker? Will the regrown hair be thicker? Will the skin become dry and patchy?” were all BUSTED first by Dr.Rashmi and then by my personal experience on using the razor J You can check out the posts HERE and HERE.

Gillette Subscribe to Smooth Challenge: Best hair removal method!
Intrigued to try Gillette Venus?
You can get your own Gillette goodies here:
Razor: HERE
Shaving Gel: HERE
Cartridge: HERE
For more related to shaving, visit and download this app! J
The next post will cover all Do’s and Don’ts of shaving and also the How to’s. Stay tuned gals! :D
I will be back with myth no.2 in my next post. Stay tuned!
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