Bejeweled Hands: Rings, Bracelets and trivia!

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Bejewelled Hands: Rings, Bracelets and trivia
Hey beauties,today’s post will be a tad different from the general posts you see on Elegant Eves. I was experimenting with certain stuff and this post is a result of that. You shall see what!
I don’t know about you, but I have been a traditionalist when it comes to dressing, i.e., if I wear a saree, I would go for traditional jewellery to accompany that and if I wear westerns, I would opt for funky or bold statement jewellery. I was not comfortable at all thinking to pair a saree with funky stuff and vice versa.
But this Virgo gets bored VERY easily :P Also, since the temperature is rising even in Bangalore, it was time to do away with all silks and velvets and bring out the much needed cottons! Thus, yesterday I came out of my comfort zone and ended up with this look: website review
Bejeweled Hands: Rings, Bracelets and trivia

A boat-neck blouse made of “bagru-print” cotton fabric, a pale pink Coimbatore cotton saree, messy bun, minimal makeup (to let my skin breathe) and the “star of the show” this oval pink and gold statement ring and a similar colored bracelet. I have skipped any accessory on my ears or neck to keep these two as the centre of attention. website review
Bejeweled Hands: Rings, Bracelets and trivia

The earlier me would have paired these kind of statement jewellery only with a well tailored dress. But I do like how this combo turned out to be! What do you think? website review
Bejeweled Hands: Rings, Bracelets and trivia

Moving ahead, I have an interesting trivia for you gals! :D Do you know what are “Aarsi” rings? I was in search of an aarsi ring before my marriage, but sadly couldn’t source one. Finally I have laid my hands on one and I am super excited :D Want to know why?
An Aarsi ring has its origin in Mughal times and is essentially an oversized ring with a mirror in the centre. They were usually worn by brides on their thumbs so that they could sneak a glance at their grooms :D How innovative of them! website review
Bejeweled Hands: Rings, Bracelets and trivia

Although we are WELL aware nowadays whom we are marrying and who is sitting beside us in the mandap, the idea of sneaking a peek at our beloved’s face on our rings is still a very romantic thought, isn’t it? I can see myself styling this ring with sarees as well as with westerns :D website review
Bejeweled Hands: Rings, Bracelets and trivia

By now you must be wondering from where I sourced these from? I came across this wonderful site “” which stocks these unusual pieces in their “Boutique” section. Check the section HERE. The website is fully stocked up with jewellery and accessories of every kind and as I said I am particularly fond of the Boutique section for their interesting designs which honestly I didn’t come across in any other online shopping portal. Prices are quite reasonable too and you will find a piece which suits your pocket for sure! They also store accessories for your man and kids incase they love flaunting jewellery as well :D In a nutshell, it is ONE stop for all your jewellery needs! Website review
Bejeweled Hands: Rings, Bracelets and trivia

To get your own pieces check out their site HERE
Facebook Page HERE
Voylla App: HERE
We would also LOVE to hear if you got any trivia about jewellery or your inhibitions about wearing a certain kind :D Have any? Share!

website review
Bejeweled Hands: Rings, Bracelets and trivia

With Love,

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