Gillette Subscribe to Smooth Challenge: Day 2

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Hey beauties, as you all know I have taken up the Gillette Subscribe to Smooth Challenge (Read the first post on the event HERE) and the “myth testing and busting” ritual has started ;) In my previous post, you could see how shaving did NOT make my skin dry or flaky. Today it’s time for testing another myth to be on the testing table. Does Shaving make skin go darker or pigmented? Read on to find what I feel (And yes, this had been my eternal question about shaving too!)

If you remember, I had been super excited about meeting Dr. Reshmi Shetty whose videos on dermatology issues I ABSOLUTELY love! During the event she had answered a question by a fellow-blogger and I was relieved: Why? Because the same question was going on in my mind since ages:
Does shaving regularly leads to skin darkening? Here’s what she had to answer.
She said that skin darkening may occur whenever the skin faces some wound and tries to heal it by itself. We notice darkened skin when a wound fills up or gradually gets healed. Similarly, if we are using a razor with a rough blade, no lubrication or trying to get a close shave by pressing down the razor and shaving, naturally the skin gets wounded and thus may lead to darkening. This can be avoided when we use a razor specially made to cater to a woman’s curves and has blades which are not corrosive to the skin.

Yes girls! I know what you must be thinking. Gillette Venus razor fits the bill ;) Its triple blades, curvy handles, aloevera and vitamin E enriched strips beside the blades ensure that our skin remains pampered even while shaving. Also, as mentioned in my previous post, Gillette Satin Care gel serves as the perfect companion for Venus.
I must mention here that Myth Two is also busted pretty well in my case. Shaving has not caused any skin darkening on me, maybe because I am using the right razor J
So that’s it! Shaving does NOT lead to darker skin.
I have two more myths to bust which hopefully will prove to be myths again. But for that you would have to wait for my next posts! Till then, try using Gillette Venus yourself and see. Check below!

You can get your own Gillette goodies here:
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For more related to shaving, visit and download this app! J
Do you have any questions?? I would LOVE to answer! Awaiting them in comments section :D
I will be back with myth no.3 in my next post. Stay tuned!
With Lots of love,

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