OOTD: Mulmul Saree with Shibori pattern

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Mulmul Saree with Shibori dye

It seems like an eternity already that we are in our pyjamas now, doesn’t it? Though the lockdown has eased and everything is opening up again, it’s still uncertain when we can again air-dry our silks and actually dress up for an occasion. I am not complaining; I am deeply grateful for the daily blessings am receiving and earnestly praying for the ones who are not as lucky to be even considering talking about something as unnecessary as party clothing. But we all have own ways to deal with the gloom, to maintain our sanity and continue to work with cheer, isn’t it? So after four months of not caring to dress up at all, I took out some time for myself yesterday and donned a saree after ages just to click some happy pictures.

Surat is having “showers of blessings” nowadays but with that also comes the dreaded humidity: frizzy hair, super oily and sweaty faces :-/ So even though I wanted to dress up to lift my mood, I didn’t want anything heavy.

So, I finally decided upon this breezy, soft and super light Mulmul saree with Shibori pattern in bright dyes. The yellow and indigo really reminded me of “daffodils field on a cloudy day” (Yeah, am still a romantic by heart). Hubby happily agreed to click some decent pictures after cracking around ten jokes on how I should be posing (-_-) I didn’t have any heavy makeup on as you can see because humidity!

If you are wondering where to source saree like these, this one is from one of the online saree sellers who has been my most trusted saree seller since the last couple of years. Kusum Garg Jindal, the lady behind the Facebook and Instagram page "Saresagaa", is a person you can blindly trust for good quality sarees at whatever budget you are on. Me and my mother have been getting our sarees from her since maybe three years now and she never disappoints us. Her USP is her extremely good behaviour and her customer service. She will not keep you guessing where your saree is after payment like many other online sellers. She remains in touch with you till the time you receive your package and even after that. Kusum’s sunny behaviour and absolutely honest dealings have won over mine and mom’s heart since long J

Her collection ranges from cottons, linens, art silks, pure silks in all weaves along with options of powerloom and handloom. If you are a saree lover, you can check out her page on Instagram HERE and on Facebook HERE. This is one seller I have no problem recommending because of the goodwill she has earned in all these years J

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