Focallure Brows Cream 02 Chocolate Review Swatches Before/After

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Focallure Brows Cream 02 Chocolate Review Swatches Before/After
Focallure Brows Cream 02 Chocolate Review Swatches Before/After

Groomed eyebrows can make such huge difference to anyone’s face, don’t you agree? On most of the days I go out with nothing on my face other moisturizer and sunscreen. But one makeup item I never skip is any brow product which grooms my sparse brows. Well set eyebrows can give an instant freshness and crisp polished look to the face.

I have used many eyebrow products ranging from eyebrow pencils, eye brow powders, or eyebrow crayons but something I never ventured into was eyebrow Pomade. Eyebrow pomades gained popularity more due to those perfect “Instagram brows” that we see on social media these days. Unlike eyebrow pencils or powders which are forgiving on mistakes, eyebrow pomades leave no room for mistake and can give a very stark or strong brow look. I am personally in favor of natural looking groomed brows and that’s why, even though Instagram brows intrigued me, I could never bring myself to buy a pomade. But when I saw the affordable brand FOCALLURE come up with a eyebrow pomade “Brows Cream”, I picked one shade up.

Product name:
FOCALLURE Brows Cream (Shade 02 Chocolate)
Shades available:
01 Auburn, 02 Chocolate, 03 Dark Brown, 04 Ash Brown and 05 Ebony

Shades Available: Image Credits: Official Focallure Site

Rs. 349 for 4 gms on Amazon. Instagram sellers may quote different prices
Available at :
Amazon (dot) in, and Instagram seller Focallurebeautyindia (Click HERE)

Focallure Brows Cream 02 Chocolate Review Swatches Before/After
Focallure Brows Cream 02 Chocolate Review Swatches Before/After

The eyebrow cream comes in a pot like gel eyeliners and is housed inside a matte black carton. The accompanying applicator brush is super tiny and dual ended. One end is a flat angular brush and the other end is a tiny smudger sponge tip. Although I cannot claim that the angular brush head is one of the bests I have used, I cannot deny that it works quite decent in picking up the product and lining my sparse brows. The only hassle in handling would be because of its tiny size. This brush can get misplaced really easily.

Brush flat angular end

Brush Sponge tip end

My take:
 I chose 02 Chocolate because my natural brow hair, although black, are very sparse. I would have chosen a lighter shade if they had one but the only light shade 01 Auburn seemed too orangey in online swatches. 03 Dark brown also seemed like a warm brown (warm brown makes my brows look reddish) and 04 Ash Brown and 05 Ebony were out of question since they are super dark. The shade 02 Chocolate, true to its official online swatches, is a cool toned deep brown. Cool toned dark browns look natural on black brow hair.

Focallure Brows Cream 02 Chocolate closeup

I swatched the product thrice: with fingertip, with the flat angular brush side and the stiff sponge tip side. Check below

Focallure Brows Cream 02 Chocolate Review Swatches Before/After

Since I have never used brow pomades before, I didn’t know what to expect of the pigmentation. If you are a first timer like me, the pomade isn’t as madly pigmented like gel eyeliners. It is more like “more of gel/pomade and less of pigment” and a gel liner has more of pigment and less of gel. I don’t know if I am making any sense.
But this lack of pigment in hand swatch proved to be a boon while applying directly on brows because it managed to make my brows look groomed without any starkness. However, I will admit that I have used a very light hand while using this on my brows. The shade 02 Chocolate matched my skin tone perfectly and you can see how natural my brows look in the Before/After picture below

Focallure Brows Cream 02 Chocolate Review Swatches Before/After
Focallure Brows Cream 02 Chocolate  Before/After

I have used the same tiny brush for drawing my brows. The pomade did not feel heavy and needed about five to ten seconds to dry and settle. There was no heavy feel on the brows (I will again repeat that I have used a very light hand. More intense application may bring with it a tad bit of heaviness, I am not sure).
I have splashed water on my face and given a light rub on the brows and this pomade proved to be water resistant. However, when I washed my face with face wash, it came off very easily.

Regarding longevity, I am not yet very sure of long staying power claims because I haven’t kept it on me for more than three hours as of now. But considering the feel of the product after setting, I guess it wouldn’t require touch ups before seven to eight hours atleast.

As my first eyebrow pomade, I am pretty happy with this one! Have you tried Focallure products? You can check reviews of their eyeshadow palettes HERE : Focallure Twilight Eyeshadow Palette, Focallure Tropical Vacation Eyeshadow palette and Focallure Everchanging palette.
More reviews of Focallure products will be up soon. Don’t we just love budget products? ;)

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  1. This definitely is giving your brows a nice defined yet natural look.