Do-It-Yourself: Paper roll Yellow flower centrepiece

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How to make flowers with paper rolls
Do-It-Yourself: Paper roll Yellow flower centrepiece

Hey everyone! Many of you who are there on my friends list on Facebook know that I have recently shifted to Mumbai with my husband and am going crazy with do-it-yourself home decor which are no pressure on pocket and can be made with stuff available easily in your home. Almost all of you have been asking me to share tutorials of the same, and so after much postponing, I am starting today with a cheerful yellow flower showpiece that I made for filling up a corner of our bookshelf till more books come in! Let’s get started!

Things we will need:
·        Cardboard roll (I got mine from the kitchen tissue paper roll that I use. You may substitute with agarbatti packages with similar shapes, toilet paper roll etc.)
·        A paper cutter (or a sharp knife) and a pair of scissors
·        An empty plastic bowl (I washed and used a takeaway dinner container that we normally throw away)
·        Acrylic paints and brushes
·        Popsicle stick (You may use an empty pen refill and colour it before using)
·        Pompom or colourful buttons
·        Fevicol or any strong adhesive (Avoid Feviquick)

“How to” Steps:
1.     Use the paper cutter to cut one inch pieces from the cardboard roll. (You may mark the roll with a marker first if your hands are not steady)
2.     Pinch the circle rings into petal shapes with your fingers.
3.     Try to smoothen the rugged edges of the pieces with scissors.
4.     Stick together the pieces like shown in picture with fevicol. Let them rest for 15 minutes at least.
5.     Take a flat brush and use bright yellow acrylic paint directly on your flower. You may use any colour you want. I wanted yellow just so that it matches my living room furnishings. Let it dry.
6.     Paste two pompoms on either side of the flower center. You may also use colourful large buttons.

How to make flowers with paper rolls

7.     Take your plastic bowl and use a thinner brush to randomly draw some “grass” at the base with green acrylic paint. Let dry.
8.     Take the popsicle stick and drive a hole into the bowl with the sharp end. You may also use a thick needle or compass to make this hole.
9.     Keep the length of the stick less as we want our flower petal to rest on the container base.
10.                         Adjust the stick height and gently paste the flower on the base as shown in the pictures.
11.                         Your bright and summery flower is ready to brighten any corner of your living room. If you are a mom or dad, your make this with your child. They will love this for sure J

Do-It-Yourself: Paper Roll yellow flower centrepiece

Do-It-Yourself: Paper roll Yellow flower centrepiece

Easy, wasn’t it? Let me know if you want more such super budget decor ideas and I will oblige :D

Also, check out this “vase” I made out of a sherbet bottle by just painting it with green acrylic paint and this empty Shrikhand container from Amul where I have just put colourful popsicle sticks J Enough to bring cheer into the room without thinking about budget J

Living room view

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  1. Wow! they look bright & amazing! :)