OOTD: Festivities and Sarees

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Hey beautiful people! This is going to be the first ever OOTD post on Elegant Eves. It is over two years now that Elegant Eves was started but it never occurred to me that we could have an “Outfit of the day” section too. Better late than never! And what better time can it be now that the Navraatri have started J Also, I am finally going home after a year for Durga Puja and it will not be possible for me to blog during the vacation. So this will be my last post before I come back from vacation. Click to read more :D

I grew up seeing my mother wearing pastels and light colours mostly. Even in weddings, when others would be decked up in heavy and bright coloured kanjeevarams and Banarasee sarees, my mother would be a style statement in herself, in cottons and silks in shades of off-white, lilacs, peaches and powder blue. But mostly, we would see her in whites and creams. So, even though we have thousands around us who dwell in the idea that whites are to be worn only when you are aged, (or worse if you are widowed!), we always have had a fondness for whites courtesy our mommy darling.

Also, growing up in a Bengali household, handloom cottons and silks always rule over georgettes and synthetic fabrics. Tussar silk (Called Toshor silk in Bengali) being one of them. There are quite a few kinds of fabrics created these days with Tussar silk threads (Gheecha Tussar and Korean Tussar), but Gaachhi Tussar is supposedly the finest form of Tussar which is handwoven with pure Tussar silk without any mixture. Now, quite naturally, that costs quite a dough. Even though money was not a problem if I saved up, I never found a design I could invest in: Some had a bit too much of this and a tad less of that. So this “customization” freak decided that I would get myself a plain Gaachhi Tussar which I could do some embroidery later on.

But till that embroidery dream came true, I decided to have some colourful pompoms at the Aachal just to break the stark cream a bit. Also, the boutique from where I sourced this also suggested that I dye the blouse piece into magenta. (The boutique is Haate Naate. Click HAATE NAATE to connect). I wanted a boat neck in the blouse but unfortunately my tailor cut the neck a bit too deep :(

For accesorries, I literally drove my friend Mamta crazy (who owns Desi By Nature page HERE) into fashioning me something to go with this saree. I drew random designs and sent her and she had a hard time explaining the design to her kaarigar.But in the end, my stunning piece of Druzy and pearls set was ready :D

The ensemble turned out like this with a soft smokey eye and dusty pink lips done by my friend Krupa on me (Click HERE to visit her blog). Photos were clicked by another friend Francis and you can check his blog at Iris Montage in Facebook

With this I end this post to take a looooooooong break from blogging :D But I promise I will be back soon with lots of new stories!! :) Happy Durga Puja everyone !

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