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Hey ladies, by now you must have understood that I am a Gillette Venus convert by now! All my myths regarding shaving were busted by this “wonder wand” (Read all about myths busting HERE and HERE). Compared to the horrific mess created by waxing or hair removal creams, shaving is much more convenient, time saving and economic! Today we shall be discussing the appropriate procedure of shaving and the do’s and don’ts involved:

What Should be done:
Glide it!- You should use a good shaving gel whenever possible to get the best out of your shaving experience. Whenever you do not have access to gels, do lather up the area well with soap and water. Do not ever try to shave by just dampening your skin with water.
Stretch stretch baby! – Underarms are the place we shave most frequently and we all know how supple that area is! To keep these areas as taut as possible for a cleaner shave, stretch your arm up and reach your hand behind your shoulder. Similarly, skin behind the knees is also very soft: pull your leg straight to make the area taut.
Leave difficult areas until last - Ankles, back of knees and thighs are best dealt with as you get into the flow of a shave and are most in control of the razor.
Store your razor correctly - Store your razor in an upright position and somewhere dry. Do not leave it on the bath side in pools of water as this is a breeding ground for bacteria. We do not want nicks and cuts due to rusted blades too, do we??

Gillette Venus Razor
Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel

What Should NOT be done:
 Soak in the bath for too long before shaving - The skin will over-hydrate and swell slightly as it begins to absorb water. This will compromise the smoothness of the shave. The optimum time for a pre-shave soak is approximately one to two minutes. Also, there is no need of exfoliating with any scrub before shaving. Shaving itself removes the first layer of skin while cutting off the hair, which means your exfoliation happens while shaving. Extra exfoliation may lead to sore skin.
 Apply too much pressure on your razor - A precision made female razor like Gillette Venus is designed to glide with minimum effort over the skin’s surface. Forcing the razor can end up leaving you with nicks. If you properly lubricate your skin with Gillette shaving gel or soap water, you wouldn’t need to apply pressure at all!
 Rub your razor: No need to clean your razor with brushes or towels. Simple rinsing should do the job - You could blunt the blade and damage the coatings - these blades are incredibly fine and you need that coating.

Gillette Venus razor
Gillette Venus Razor

Shaving tips:
One tip which really worked for me is using a hair conditioner as a shaving lubricant when I had no access to shaving gels. The silky feeling of conditioners provides for GOOD gliding of the razor and oh that smooth feeling after you rinse off! ;)
Also ladies, please do NOT forget to apply dollops of body lotion or body butter after each shaving session, because although modern razors like Gillette Venus are very mild on skin, our skin could do with some EXTRA care after shaving!

If there was one thing I could change in my teenage, it would be the days I used hair removal creams :-/ Messy, never a full job (because the tube would end halfway through the body) and SKIN DARKENING! I actually ended up with darker underarms due to prolonged usage of hair removal creams loaded with chemicals :-/ Sigh! Thankfully, I am never going back again!

Gillette Venus has given me such fuss-free shaving experience that now it has become a regular shower routine. Whenever I see some body hair, I swipe it clean with Venus without having to worry about salon appointments!

Get set GO ladies!! Flaunt those smooth legs! ;)
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Drop your queries in comments! See Ya ladies!!! Much love!

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