Website Review: An introduction to Collegedunia (dot) com

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Website Review: An introduction to Collegedunia (dot) com

This review is something off-beat for Elegant Eves since we have dealt with only beauty and fashion till date, but the sheer importance and utility of this site made me want to share it with you guys! Read on to find more:

“Collegeduniya” is India's most comprehensive education portal , helping thousands of students to make an informed decision about choosing the right institution . Remember the  times when we burnt midnight oil to find the right college and right course for ourselves? Help is here for the present generation of students. Tell you siblings about this website and see how sorted their decisions become ;)

Let’s see a few screenshots of their site:

As you browse sitewide, you can see how detailed and comprehensive this site is. Check the courses list here!

Website Review: An introduction to Collegedunia (dot) com

On the top right corner you will see options like Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Law, Medical etc. On clicking those options, there is a drop-down menu for main colleges in top states and cities in India! For instance, those in Delhi (or willing to go to Delhi) wanting to plunge into engineering, they can go to this option “list of top engineering colleges in Delhi
Isn’t this cool?

Website Review: An introduction to Collegeduniya (dot) com

All you have to do is use the Sign up option in the site and get ready to get get proper and sorted information about colleges in India that you wish to know about.

Website Review: An introduction to Collegedunia (dot) com

Personally, I feel that this is a very nice endeavor by CollegeDunia that would help a lot of students (and their parents!) to decide on the right college and course! What are you waiting for then? J Go check!!!

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