5 styling tips for short hair

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Guest Post
By Cristina Nika (Australia)
Short hairstyles will never go out of the fashion. However, as for any other hairstyle, you should be aware of some short hairstyle-specific rules. The tips we are about to show you will make your life much easier.

Styling Tips for Short Hair
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Haircuts based on the face shape

The first thing you should remember is that you should always take the shape of your face into consideration when choosing a short haircut. If you are a fan of super trendy pixies, this haircut is perfect for most face shapes including oval, square, round and heart-shaped faces. 
Another trendy short haircut is a bob with bangs and it works great on oval, heart and long face shapes. A long bob with a length bellow your chin looks great on heart-shaped faces. If you have a round face, the recommendation is to avoid jaw-length bobs.
Short hairstyles and hair products
When it comes to styling your short haircut, you can use many hair products including wax, wet gel, styling lotion pomade and gel wax. It all depends on the styling you want to achieve. Another advice is to use volumizing styling products if you have short hair. In simple terms, these haircuts need volume otherwise they will not look flattering. You can opt for styling mousse, spray or powder. Remember to apply the volumizing styling products near the root. When it comes to basic hair products, use products which moisturize and condition your scalp. Dandruff is much more visible if you have short hair.
Curling short hair
We have said that you always need to add extra volume to short hair. One way of doing it is curling your hair. If you use a curling iron, consider using one with 2.5 cm diameter. Another advice is to leave the ends straight otherwise curls can stick out from your head and it does not look good if you have short hair.
Styling Tips for Short Hair
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Make sure you use a good quality curling iron which has level temperature setting. Make sure you use a good quality curling iron which has level temperature setting. The top curling irons are Cloud NineRevlon, Sultra, Conair and Remington. You can curl your short hair with bobby pins. Wrap the section of your hair round your finger and secure the curl with a bobby pin. 
Short hair accessories
It is a fact you cannot do much with short hair. However, accessories come in handy so that you can change your hairstyle completely. Embellish your short hairstyle with flower hair pins. Add a vintage appeal to your outfit by adding some antique inspired hair combs and headbands.

Styling Tips for Short Hair
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Bow hair clips also look great on short hair. If you are looking for edgy look, try one of Fascinators. Antique looking barrettes look very chic on short hair.
What to avoid
There are some common mistakes women who have short hair make. For example, even though you should use the styling products we recommended, do not overdo it. You do not want to get too slick with a gel. Do not apply to much heat. Split ends do not look flattering on short hair. Avoid those hairstyle which have extra volume at the crown. It simply looks old-fashioned.
We hope these styling tips can help you properly style your short hair. Pay attention to the tips we gave and enjoy your trendy short hairstyle. 

Author Introduction and Editor's words: This post is contributed by Cristina Nika, a fashion enthusiast and a talented blogger from Sydney, Australia. We love her writing style and give her a warm welcome to the Elegant Eves family :) Welcome aboard, Cristina! The post was really comprehensive and detailed and we are sure it will help the ones wanting to sport short hair this summer. We look forward to more such brilliant posts from you!

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