In our mail today! Puresense Soaps By Soap Opera: First Impressions

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Hello Everyone!! Today's post is regarding my first impression of products from a brand which has become quite the talk in the beauty blogosphere recently. Yes,I am talking of the Brand Soap Opera which makes a great variety of natural soaps, body washes, body mists, designer soaps and a special thing called "sleep inducer"! Their natural soaps come under the group "Puresense" and that is further divided into "Floral" and "Spice" varieties.
You can check their Facebook page HERE Their products are Non-Toxic, Sulphate-free, Non-Carcinogenic and Paraben free

 I was sent a parcel by them which contained six sample soaps from the Floral and Spice varieties and the sleep inducer.

My packet contained the following varieties: Rose, Cucumber, Green Tea, Madhumalti, Lemongrass and Orange and of course the sleep inducer.

I shall be reviewing each one in detail in  due course of time. For now, enjoy the piccies!! ^_^ :)

They smell HEAVENLY ^_^ :D Will be back with reviews soon :) Stay happy!
With love,

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