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Gillette, L'oreal Paris, Maybelline, Jabong, Aura Vedic, Plum Goodness, Luxola, Vaya, Nioxin and many more!

For your kind attention

1. All products reviewed and discussed in this blog are purchased by the blog owner or assistant editors if not mentioned otherwise.

2. The products sent by PR of any company for review will be honestly reviewed here without any bias.

3. NO content (Images, text, format, design) can be copied and reproduced anywhere else without prior written approval and permission by the blog owner. Plagiarists will face strict action.

4. It is to be remembered that what suits my skin type (Normal-dry) and hair type (Oily roots dry ends) might not suit your skin/hair. It will be mentioned in the review. The blog is not responsible for products bought and tried without thoroughly reading the blog post about the product and/or consulting registered doctors and specialists.

5. We may use reference images from across the web for better illustration of our posts, but proper credits will be given every time to the image source. If we are unsure of the source and have downloaded the image from Google, "Google Images" will be mentioned as image source. If you happen to come across your image and want us to take it down or credit it to you, please leave us a mail. We will comply immediately.

6. Please do not contact for free campaigns unless it is for some social cause. Please understand that bloggers spend as much resources (intellectual and financial) on their blogs as any other work.

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