About Us

Hello everyone!

Editor and Owner: Aparajita Sengupta, 27, originally from Assam and currently a resident of Mumbai to earn her bread (and butter!) ;) A post graduate in Chinese Language and Culture, makeup and beauty has been her passion since very long. She enjoys writing too and thus putting the two loves together , she has given it the direction of blogging. Thus, Elegant Eves was born and is here to cater to all your grooming queries :)

Assistant Editor and an irreplaceable Friend: Aditi Singha, 24, currently residing in West Bengal and has every intention of running away from there and exploring the world :P She is a post graduate in Zoology and all the insects and organs could not refrain her from irritating the hell out of her ex-roomie (Editor). With a passion for photography, she knows exactly which angles to capture in her lens without any professional training. Prefers to run far away from makeup but very enthusiastic about beauty (explains her presence here!) :)