Review of Kumarika Nourishing Body Oil

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Kumarika Nourishing Body Oil Review

Winters have set in many parts of your country already and the place where I am right now is already quite cool. I always prefer winters to scorching summers, but I cannot deny that my dry skin isn’t too enthusiastic about this weather :P I need to load up my face and body with oils to make sure they don’t end up looking dull and lifeless. I am thankful to team Kumarika for sending over this nourishing body oil from their new launch for trial. The content of the bottle looked quite interesting from outside since I could see some roots and slices of some herbs. But did I like it enough to consider rebuying once this gets over? If you want to know, read on!

Product: Kumarika Nourishing Body Oil (with Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Olive oil. It also has roots of Vetiver and slices of Aloe Vera. Vetiver roots are said to be laden with antioxidants and it effectively treats skin inflammation, heals infections and promotes overall skin health)

Price: 115 INR for 200ml (quite affordable!)

Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture

Full ingredients list: Please refer image

Ingredients and Directions of use

Packaging: The oil comes in a functional transparent plastic bottle with a golden sheen flip-top cap. You can see the herbs and roots through the bottle.

Flip Top Cap

My take: The first thing I noticed about the oil was the lovely fragrance: Not overpowering, yet very sweet and refreshing. The pale yellow oil is also quite lightweight and not greasy. The instructions given on the bottle are to use the oil as a pre-bath massage oil and post-shower oil to lock in the moisture. However, due to time constraints (moms of toddlers would understand!), I haven’t used it as a massage oil yet. However, since the last ten days, I have been using it daily as post-shower oil instead of my regular coconut oil. I must say apart from the wonderful fragrance, I am quite impressed with the light moisturising properties of the oil too. I generally need to load my skin with body lotions after every bath even if I use oil during my bath. But after using Kumarika Nourishing Body Oil, just a small amount of lotion suffices without the need for reapplication.

View of Herbs inside the bottle

I wouldn’t comment on “glow” giving aspect of an oil, mainly because a well-cared for skin will glow anyway, so that can happen with any skincare regimen followed regularly, but honestly, this oil would be a nice little bottle to add to your toiletries in this winter. And the best part? It won’t burn a hole in your pocket J This oil is available in Amazon and Flipkart.

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  1. even i think body oils are better than any lotions or creams.. thank u for the review di..