Review of Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack

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 Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack

Hello everyone! I have been using the Vitamin C De-Tan Facewash and Face Glow pack from a natural and organic Indian brand called Bella Vita Organic and I am jotting down my views on the face pack today. Bella Vita Organic Vitamin C Facewash had considerably impressed me (Read review HERE), and I was expecting similar good experience from the face pack as well. Did it also impress me as its cousin? Read more to find out!

Product name: Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack 
Price: Rs.699 for 60 gm. Currently at a discounted price of Rs.399
Shelf Life: 18 months 
Buy from : HERE 

 Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack

Ingredients: Rakt Chandan (Red Sandalwood), Safed Chandan (White Sandalwood), Van Haldi (Wild Turmeric), Rose Petals, Kapur Kachri (Camphor), Tulsi Patra( Basil), Bentonite and other ayurvedic herbs. It DOES NOT contain parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals or harsh detergents.

 Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack

Product claim: “Bella Vita Organic’s Ayurvedic face pack helps fight all concerns such as pimples. Acne, pigmentation, blemishes, dark spots, black heads, wrinkles while it also tightens skin and brings glow and illumination. Suitable for all skin types and this face pack should be a part of your weekly skin care regime” 

Packaging: It comes in a clear plastic tub with golden screw lid and is labelled in yellow. The packaging is non-fussy and functional. However, remember to tap on the lid once or twice before opening it to avoid any loose powder spilling out. 


My take: Since my skin type is dry-normal, I am generally wary of clay-based packs since they make my skin uber dry. But as this product claimed that it is for all skin types, I decided to try it. Ok, I am kidding! :D The wonderful ingredient list impressed me so much that I couldn’t wait to try it. I have used this pack three times now and since the results were consistent in all three times, I am writing down a review today. I have used water to make a paste with the powder once and have used cold milk in the next two times. The powder is not gritty and very finely milled. You need a very little amount of powder as well as liquid to make a paste. In all the three times I have used this face pack, I have let it semi-dry on my face and neck and then rinsed it off after massaging slightly as instructed on the pack. 

 Bella Vita Organic Face Glow Pack

While the pack was on my face, there is a relaxing cooling feel on the face, probably because of the camphor. You sort of feel that the face pack is almost ‘pulling out’ the dirt from your face. After washing there was an unmistakable glow on my face. I have been blogging since many years now and have used countless skincare products, but it is not an exaggeration when I say this face pack gave my skin an instant “squeaky clean glow”. Below is a closeup of my face after just washing off the pack. There is no makeup at all and not even the aloevera gel that I slather on every time I wash my face :D 

Face closeup after use

I am extremely happy with this product. Even though the price point can be pinching for the normal middle-class, you can get at least 10 applications (or more) from this tub. And considering the facial like glow this pack gives, that comes to approximately 70/- per facial.

 Without any hesitation or bias, I would rate this product a definite 4.8/5, points deducted only for the fact that it won’t be affordable for everyone at it’s MRP. Grab it soon while it’s on discounted price! You will not regret it :) Have you used any of the Bella Vita Organic products? Let me know in comments!

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  1. Wow this looks promising
    Thank you for the detailed review Di

  2. It indeed is very good Kanika! Do try!