Affordable Kurtis: Must-have In Our Wardrobes!

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Hey everybody. Now that summer is just around the corner, I am sure many of you are spending your valuable time online, searching for comfortable clothing, aren’t you? I remember reading tons of articles on “wardrobe must-haves” for women which enlists blue jeans, white shirts, LBDs, maxi dresses and what not. But one dress which they conveniently forget to mention and which ironically is the MOST worn dress by Indian women of any shape and size and in any season is KURTI! I cannot recall any woman shying away from Kurtis because she is body conscious or she cannot find the right size. When it comes to versatile styling, a kurti is as ethnic as a saree. Don’t believe me? Let me show you how.
But before that, a lot of people seem to have this confusion: What is the difference between a kurta and a kurti? Essentially, the main difference is in the lengths of the two. A Kurta can go from calf length to ankle length while Kurtis can be as short as waist length to hip length or mid-thigh length. However, both signify ethnic topwear and mostly both names are used synonymously (one for the other).
Now coming back to our topic, let’s understand how Kurtis become the first choice for many women when it comes to comfortable fashion:
  • Kurti is not clingy: Unlike kameez worn with salwar and dupattas, kurti is not as “tight fitted”. Their cut is a comfortable regular one which means there is no need to carry a dupatta or scarf if you don’t want to! I remember during my college days, we had to cycle all the way to college and for other errands too. I hated carrying fluttery dupattas while cycling :-/ Kurti to the rescue! :D I loved pairing cotton Kurtis with jeans when there were no matching leggings. They looked very laid-back and cool. And also, it is extremely easy to wash and take care of cotton kurtis without any hassle. Ain’t it the best thing?

  • Kurti is for every shape and size: Most Indian women shy away from western wear because they are not comfortable about their curves showing up. Personally, when I gained weight, all my short dresses and skirts went hidden in the cupboard and I found solace in Kurtis, literally! They cover up buldges so well and are perfect when you are running errands.

  • Kurti is your saviour for non-waxed legs:  OK! This is funny but it has to be admitted. How many times have we picked up a legging with a Kurti to hide the fact that our legs are in dire need of a waxing? ;) Countless times, right! I hate to admit, but I have done this so many times. Legs not waxed and its too hot to wear thick jeans. Voila! Kurtis and leggings

  • Kurtis as comfortable party wear: As much as I love sarees, I always thank my mom for forcing me to pick up some dressy kurtis for parties or get-togethers. Nothing can be more comfortable for a party in summers than Kurtis with embroidery or embellishments which are worn with any statement earrings or bracelets. Don’t you agree?

  • Kurtis can be paired with different bottom wears: A kurti can look great with leggings, jeans, straight pants, parallel pants, palazzos, long flared skirts, shararas… you name it! This makes this apparel perfect for formal wear, as casual bohemian wear to classy party wear. To know more, click here for latest kurtis.

While writing this article I also came across another article in Stylecraze which talks about Kurti fashion in details. You may want to check it here for more tips. Read up while I go check some more summer fashion for you

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I will be back!

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