Easy chocolate biscuit brick: Recipe with pictures

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Easy chocolate biscuit brick: Recipe with pictures
Hellllloooo everyone! Ever since I moved to Mumbai with my husband and finally have my getting to experiment in my own kitchen (which was preceded by 8 years of hostel and PG life), I have been taking time out to prepare dishes which are easy to make (absolutely necessary considering the stressful workplace I have) and yet can bring a huge smile on his face J Many of you have been pushing me for a food blog and I have been smiling and telling a “no” simply because it is not possible for me to start yet another blog in this crazy hectic life of Mumbai. But finally I have decided to start sharing easy-peesy recipes in Elegant Eves itself so that my darling readers can join in the party ;) Please remember I am no professional and I will try to explain the recipes in as simple language as possible, but if there are flaws, constructive criticism is most welcome J So, our first dish just HAS to be a dessert :D A choco brick! Let’s get started

·        Arrangement time: 10 minutes     
·        Cooking time: 3 minutes   
·        Assembling time: 5 minutes
1.     Dairy milk chocolate (2 bars of  38gms each and two smaller bars of 15 gms each)
2.     Marie Biscuits (10 pieces)
3.     Coffee powder (two teaspoon)
4.     Butter (half teaspoon)
5.     Condensed milk (two teaspoons)
6.     Whipped cream (I have used BlueBird Instant whipping cream powder )

Melt Chocolate and butter


Add chocochips!

Smooooooth stir 

Marie biscuits

1.     Mix the coffee powder lukewarm water and allow the water to cool down completely
2.     Boil water in a deep saucepan and place a smaller pan on this water to serve as a double boiler.
3.     Break chocolate pieces and put in the smaller pan alongwith the butter. Use a spatula to mix the chocolate with butter as it melts. You may also add chocochips if you have any lying in fridge!
4.     Take it off the flame if chocolate turns crumbly (But don’t worry!). Add the condensed milk and stir in smoothly


Stack and slather!

Slather more!
5.     Take one marie biscuit and dip in the coffee mixture and take out immediately. Otherwise it will turn too soggy. Place it on a plate.
6.     Use a spatula to slather the chocolate mixture on the biscuit.
7.     Repeat the steps and keep layering coffee dipped biscuits and chocolate mixture.
8.     Once you have stacked 5 biscuits use the same spatula to cover the whole stack with chocolate. Let it be messy! We want that homemade charm :D
9.       Repeat with another stack (We have to share with family as well :P)
10.  Pop the plate in the fridge (Not freezer). Take out after two hours and slice in middle. Put it back in fridge.

Chill and slice

11.                         Meanwhile if you have heavy full fat cream, use a beater to whip cream. If you don’t, you may use Bluebird brand’s instant whipping cream powder which you can get in local supermarket. You just need to add some cold water to the powder and whip! After that let the cream stay in fridge for about two hours (I took out after one hour and it was not stiff enough. But after two hours it was perfect!)
12.                         By now your choco bricks would be sufficiently stiff in the fridge. Take them out and plate them with dollops of whipped cream and voila!

Rich chocolaty brick!

Rich, creamy layered chocolate biscuit brick is ready!  J Enjoy

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