Honey & Lemon Drink : Amazing Benefits in Health Care

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Honey and Lemon Drink: Amazing Benefits in Health Care
Hello all! I hope you all are doing fine! I am here with another DIY, perhaps the easiest yet the most beneficial one for our health. Yes! I am talking about “Honey and Lemon drink” which will give you the perfect start every morning! 

As we know this drink is very useful to lose weight, but the benefits of this simple drink goes beyond weight loss. Drinking honey-lemon in warm water acts as a power-booster in the morning and keeps you fit and healthy.
The preparation of this drink is very simple. All we need are a lemon, honey and water.
« Fill a glass with warm-water. (Make sure you do not boil the water.)
« Add 1 spoon-full of honey.
« Lastly squeeze lemon juice into it.
« Mix it and thus the fuss-free morning-energy drink is ready!

Honey and Lemon Drink: Amazing Benefits in Health Care  


Now let  me  reveal   the  benefits one  by  one:
*    Fights constipation: Honey-lemon warm water drink in the morning starts a great bowel movement and helps you to have a constipation free motion! (Definitely a perfect start in the morning, that makes u tension free for the rest of the day!!!) Moreover, this drink infuses water in the dried stool and hydrates the colon thus helps you getting rid of constipation!

*    Helps in weight loss: Lemon juice in the drink acts as the agent that helps in weight loss. Regular intake of lemon fibre along with honey keeps you healthy and fit and removes excess fat from your body.

*    Improves digestion: This drink aids in better digestion. It activates the liver to function properly that makes the digestive tract functioning in a better way. Honey, an antibacterial agent, removes toxins from the GI tract protects us from infection and helps digesting food.
Honey and Lemon Drink: Amazing Benefits in Health Care

*    Cleanser of stomach, colon and lymphatic system:
v This drink is the natural cleanser of our body. Taking in an empty stomach helps you clean the stomach early in the morning.
v The colon is the storehouse of all the bacteria producing stool. Thus this area needs to be washed regularly. Honey-lemon drink helps to clean the area, regulates the moisture, makes it properly hydrated and toxin-free.
v Lymphatic system in our body is a very intricate one and dehydration of lymphatic system leads to constipation, fatigue. Regular intake of this drink keeps the system properly hydrated and helps in  proper functioning.

*    Cleans urinary tract and diuretic agent: Not only colon, urinary tract is also cleaned with the drink. Honey the antibacterial agent when mixed with lemon acts as diuretics and flush out water from body: the best way to clean the Urinary tract. It is the best natural way to fight with UTI (urinary tract infection).

*    Power-boosting drink: This mixture fights with morning-fatigue we feel after getting up early. Honey is the instant energy-booster, water activates blood flow and lemon helps proper functioning of digestive system eliminating toxins. The scent of lemon is a mood up-lifter too!!! 

*    Fights bad-breath and improve oral health: Lemon and honey mixture in warm-water fights the bad breath too. It kills the offensive bacteria of our mouth almost instantly and gives a fresh feeling, ultimately improves our oral health.

*    Gives your skin a natural glow: Honey and lemon act as blood purifier. They give our skin a natural glow and remove all signs of aging!!!!

So girls it is the best drink to start a day! Isn’t so? Let’s find the  pros:
ü Easy to make
ü Takes only 1-2minutes
ü Chemical free, fuss free!
ü A kick start in the morning
ü Energy booster
ü Fights bad breath
ü Natural internal body cleanser
ü Gives you a radiant skin
ü Honey contains fructose. Thus it is safe for diabetic persons too.

Honey and Lemon Drink: Amazing Benefits in Health Care
I am absolutely in love with it! <3 enjoy and stay tuned! J

With love, Aditi

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