Do It Yourself: Winter Hair care

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Do It Yourself: Winter Hair care
Hi all…. Winter has already made an entry this year with much pomp and show. All we see colourful dresses, accessories around us! Yes!!! It is a party season which has just begun. :D  BUT apart from all this it is a season of dryness, dull and frizzy hair.  So today I will share some natural remedies to fight with all the dryness and retain natural shine of your hair and win this winter! Sounds great? J Stay tuned!!

Winter care for your hair

*    Fighting Dandruff:
The most hazardous problem we face during winter is dandruff problem. The dryness in the weather sets in our scalp in the name of dandruff and it is not really easy to get rid of this problem. But there is a one natural remedy for this. The lemon juice can be very useful fighting against dandruff.

« Squeeze a fresh lemon.
« Apply the juice on your scalp before taking bath.
« Keep it for 30 minutes.
« Finally wash the hair with your regular shampoo.
« This would definitely help you to get rid of dandruff if used regularly! 
Do It Yourself: Winter Hair care

*    Washing your hair: 
Washing hair in the winter is a tough job especially if you are facing with the problem of dullness and dandruff. You can apply this pack to get your hair super clean!   

Henna Hair pack:
   I.             At first take curd in a bowl and stir it thoroughly so that no lump remains.
II.          Then add henna powder in the curd and mix properly. (You can take any of the henna powder available in the market.)
III.       Be careful of the consistency of the mixture.
IV.          Add tea liquor to the mixture and stir it properly.
   V.            Lastly add lemon juice to it.
VI.          Keep that mixture for 1-2hour. (If you want brownish hue, it would be best to keep the mixture for the whole night).
VII.      Apply the mixture thoroughly on the scalp and hair.
VIII.  Keep it for some time.
IX.            Wash your hair with regular shampoo.
Do It Yourself: Winter Hair care
It makes hair voluminous, silky and shiny.

*    Maintaining natural shine: 
Winter and natural shiny hair do not go hand in hand. All you need is some little effort to make this work. All of you must have heard about tea liquor conditioning the hair. Thus it is the most common way to maintain the natural shine of your hair during this winter season.

Green tea conditioner:
« Take some dried tea leaves in a bowl
« Add water
« Brew it for few minutes
« Strain the leaves to get the liquor
« It can be sprinkled over hair after regular shampooing.
This liquor does not only make your hair shinny, it makes your hair way to soft and conditions it properly.
Do It Yourself: Winter Hair care

*    Maintaining hair health:
 Now-a-days oil massage is a must for proper hair care. It maintains the health of your hair by strengthening the roots and also increases blood flow in the scalp. An olive oil massage can help to maintain the hair health, free from dandruff and itchiness! Here is another post that shows how to maintain naturally shiny hair all day long.

« Apply olive oil to the roots of your hair.
« Keep it for some time
« Wash it with your daily shampoo.
It reduces hair loss and keeps the hair strong.
Do It Yourself: Winter Hair care

*    Conditioning and Nourishing the hair:
By far I have discussed all the points. In the last part of this article I am going to share about how we must nourish our hair. Coconut oil does magic to our hair. It is a non-greasy oil that nourishes hair from within and keeps hair hydrated for long time. A hot coconut oil massage once in a week before bath can completely change dry, rough hair into a soft, shiny and nourished hair.

v Take some coconut oil in a bowl. (I have used Shalimar coconut oil which is most widely known for coconut oil.)
v Heat it in an oven for few minutes. (Do not boil it)
v Apply it on the scalp and roots of the hair.
v Keep it for about 15-30minutes.
v Wash it with your regular shampoo.
Regular usage of this can completely cure hair related problems and gifts you deeply nourished hair.
Do It Yourself: Winter Hair care

This is all about the winter hair care. I hope this would help you.

Thankuuu and stay tuned! <3

With love, Aditi.

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