Do-It-Yourself: Henna Nourishing Hair Pack

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Post By: Aditi, Asst. Editor, Elegant Eves

Hello Ladies, I am here with another DIY! Today’s topic is hair-care. Every girl wants shiny, silky smooth hair yet now-a-days it has become a dream to get problem-free hair. Moreover pollution has taken a toll on our skin and hair. It makes our hair dry, fussy and rough. To fight with this pollution-devil there are a lot of products in the market. But I have some natural ways to fight and make hair voluminous, silky and shiny too. So girls, stay tuned… :)

One of the best ways for hair-care is using Henna hair-pack. This is the most widely used and a very useful method to take care of our hair. Different henna powder products are available in the market. I have used Ayur Henna Powder. It is a green coloured henna powder widely available in most of the retail shops.
Ingredients for hair-pack:
« Ayur henna powder
« Curd
« Lemon juice
« Green tea liquor

Ø Method of preparing Green tea liquor:
·        Take some dried green tea leaves in a bowl
·        Add water
·        Boil for few minutes
·        Strain the leaves to get the liquor

   I.        At first take curd in a bowl and stir it thoroughly so that no lump remains.
II.        Then add henna powder in the curd and mix properly.
III.        Be careful of the consistency of the mixture.
IV.        Add tea liquor to the mixture and stir it properly.
   V.        Lastly add lemon juice to it.
VI.        Let the mixture rest for 1-2 hours. (if you want brownish hue, it would be best to keep the mixture for the whole night).

·        Apply the mixture thoroughly on cleansed scalp and hair.
·        Keep it for some time: One hour for nourishment and 3-4 hours if you want brownish hue too.

·        Wash your hair with regular shampoo. (If your hair is not naturally oily, then it is advised to wash the pack off with plain water only. Oil your hair at night and use shampoo the next day)
(You can also use the remaining tea liquor to wash your hair after shampooing, it would make hair softer!)..

 The result of this hair-pack is truly amazing. It makes hair voluminous, silky and shiny.  You can even see brownish hue in your hair too. All the ingredients used here are naturally available and thus chemical free. So it nourishes the hair from within. Applying the hair-pack twice in a month will be very useful and I personally have gained much benefit using this pack regularly. Here is my hair after washing this pack off :)

Thank you…. J I will be come back soon with another post… till then enjoy reading EE.J

Editor’s Words: Good post Aditi! I am a fan of Henna hair packs too J

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