Sandalwood: Myriad uses in Beauty remedies

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Sandalwood: Myriad uses in Beauty remedies

Post By: Aditi Singha, Asst. Editor, Elegant Eves

Hello ladies, on my way to another article of a natural product. Today I will be discussing on Sandalwood, an aromatic wood obtained from the tree Santalum album, commonly known as chandan. This wood is used as a beauty product from time unknown. It acts as an antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory as well as a disinfectant one. WOW… truly versatile. Isn’t it? Let’s check how it serves to our skin.

*      Curing pimples and acne: The most common use of sandalwood powder is to remove acne and pimples. 
Mix sandalwood powder with turmeric powder and milk.
Gently apply it on your face and rinse after some time.
Regular use of this pack would certainly bring positive result.

Sandalwood: Myriad uses in Beauty remedies

*      Curing prickly heat: Chandan provides a cooling effect not only to skin but also it makes our mind calm. The soothing aroma does that part.
The easiest way to cure prickly heat is to prepare a mixture of sandalwood powder with rose water.
Apply it on your face and wash it after drying.
This simple pack will instantly cool the skin and brings freshness  .
Sandalwood: Myriad uses in Beauty remedies

*      Itch relieving: as mentioned earlier, chandan has the anti-inflammatory property that reduces blemishes, skin inflammation, redness and itching.
Prepare a mixture using sandalwood powder, turmeric and lemon juice.
Apply thoroughly on your skin and keep it around 30 minutes.
Rinse with water.
This works magically on itching.
Add captionSandalwood: Myriad uses in Beauty remedies

*      Reduce sweating: sandalwood and rose water mixture can also work on excessive sweating. Regular use of this pack gradually reduces sweating. :)

Sandalwood: Myriad uses in Beauty remedies

*     Anti-tanning property: sandalwood can make an excellent anti-tanning face pack.
 Prepare a mixture of sandalwood, honey, lemon juice and curd.
Apply it on your face and neck.
Then wash it after some time.
You can find tans are fading if used regularly.
Sandalwood: Myriad uses in Beauty remedies

*      Anti-aging: sandalwood can iron away all the wrinkles and fine lines appearing.
To acquire the wrinkle free skin you need to make a face pack using honey, sandalwood, olive oil and egg white.
Regular use of this face pack makes your skin look younger.

Sandalwood: Myriad uses in Beauty remedies

*      Sandalwood for skin-softening:
               The mixture of sandalwood and coconut oil works on softening the skin and makes it moisturised.

*      Sandalwood for glowing skin:
Make a mixture of sandalwood powder, turmeric, fullers’ earth (multani mitti) using rose water.
Apply it on your face, neck and hands before bath.
Let it dry before washing.
Believe me this would bring the glowing skin from within.
Sandalwood: Myriad uses in Beauty remedies

PRECAUTION: If anyone has dry skin, prepare the mixture using milk instead of rose water. Otherwise it would make your skin dry and dull.

·         Sandalwood oil is an excellent skin softener.
·         It is a sedative and soothes nerve.
·         An important product of aromatherapy.
·         It helps you to distress the body.
So ladies, this is all about sandalwood. I know many of you are aware of the uses of sandalwood, which is now used as an ingredient of different beauty products with a tag of “herbal product”. But it is better to use homemade face packs as there is no harmful chemical used and most importantly you know what your skin demands. Stay tuned and enjoy.. :)

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