“Sutra” homemade products: Right from the kitchen to your dresser!

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"Sutra" homemade skincare products
“Sutra” homemade products: Right from the kitchen to your dresser!

Hey everyone, I am really happy to be doing this post because today I will be writing about a range of products handmade by a friend of mine which I have been using since the past two week almost. My friend, Deepika Das, hails from Bangalore and is a blogger at dailybeautynaturally.blogspot.com .
She has been experimenting with skincare and haircare products made from humble kitchen ingredients and her friends who have used those products have been really benefited. She was kind enough to include me in the circle and customized a night-time skincare regime for me considering my skin type, my lifestyle and my other specific requirements. She plans to take this up as a full-time venture in the years to come. They are all natural, organic and homemade.
As you all know by now, I am tying the knot in a few months time. But since I have joined a new job three months back, have shifted to a new city and been having a total shift in my normal lifestyle, my skin has began showing signs of dullness. Now who wants that just when your D-Day is nearing!! So, I wanted a natural skincare regime which I can follow before bedtime in order that my skin behaves during my wedding :P Deepika came to my rescue when I told her that I need something which “quenches” my dry skin needs which is aggravating because of long hours in an AC office L She came up with the following products from her range for me:
Cleanser, scrub, toner, serum and eye-cream- PERFECT! J

"Sutra" homemade skincare products
“Sutra” homemade products: Right from the kitchen to your dresser!

Packaging: Since she has not started the venture officially, there is not fancy packaging of the products. The serum and toner comes in transparent plastic bottles, the eye ream and scrub comes in similar plastic tubs and the cleanser came in a zip lock pouch (I have included just a spoonful of the product in the pictures shown here).
Ingredients: Now for the most important part- what ARE all these made of?!! Since nothing is mentioned on the packets, Deepika told me in details the key ingredients of the products, which I am sharing with you all here-
·         Cleanser: It is majorly made up of ground oats and turmeric (Kasturi Haldi) (150 gms)
·         Toner: Apple cider vinegar, Vitamin E and Cinnamon extracts (30 ml)
·         Scrub: Rice Powder, oats and Argan oil (25gms)
·         Serum: Fusion of Coconut,Jojoba and Olive oils. (30 ml)
·         Eye cream: Shea Butter, Almond oil (15 grams approx.)

The night skin care regime consists of the first four products and is priced at Rs.1000. Additional products like the eye cream will cost you another Rs.300.

My take on these products:
The cleanser has to be used mixed with a little water to make a paste and so is the scrub. I use the cleanser every night before bedtime and the scrub twice a week. After washing off, I take a wet cotton swab and pour some toner on it and dab all over my face and neck. Then, two-three minutes later while the skin is still moist, I take tiny drops of the oil-based serum and massage it on my face and neck. Lastly, I treat my eye contour area with this luxuriant eye cream.

1. The cleanser brilliantly cleanses away all traces of dirt, grime, oiliness around the T-zone (yes! Even my dry skin gets an oily nose sometimes) and leaves skin squeaky clean but not dry at all. I have seen chemical based products which claim “instant glow” but give “instant ghost whiteness” instead :-/ Not the case with this one :D You have to use it to believe the healthy glow!
"Sutra" homemade skincare products
“Sutra” homemade products: Right from the kitchen to your dresser!

2. The Scrub, looks very granular at the first sight and in infact so too. But the grains are soft and not harsh on skin. The argan oil infused in it keeps skin supple even while exfoliating the dead skin cells. It has become my favorite scrub now! ^_^ I am sooooo in love with it!

"Sutra" homemade skincare products
“Sutra” homemade products: Right from the kitchen to your dresser!

3. The toner is alcohol-free and smells basically of vinegar and cinnamon. There is not tingling or irritation when you apply the toner, unlike chemical toners commercially available. (The bottle is almost used up!)

"Sutra" homemade skincare products
“Sutra” homemade products: Right from the kitchen to your dresser!

4. The serum is like “heaven-sent” for my normal-dry skin. Even though it is a fusion of three different kinds of oils, it is SO light on skin!! The skin just soaks it in! The key is to maintain a light hand. On a moist face (which is cleansed and toned), a single drop is enough to cover entire face and neck.

"Sutra" homemade skincare products
“Sutra” homemade products: Right from the kitchen to your dresser!

5. The eye-cream is rich and melts into oil when taken on fingertips. Much like how coconut oil melts with the warmth of finger tips. It is very emollient and is perfect for the nourishing massage around eyes to get rid of the fine lines and puffiness.

"Sutra" homemade skincare products
“Sutra” homemade products: Right from the kitchen to your dresser!

Effect after two weeks of usage: My skin really feels brighter and nourished. Every day I wake up to fresh looking face and throughout the day the chilly AC temperature does not make my skin stretchy or flaky as it did before. All these with just two weeks of usage! I am excited to see what results I get after prolonged use!

Points I loved about these products:

  • Very soothing and excellent results
  • The quantities of the cleanser and serum are just perfect: They would last long. The amount of the eye cream is also good because we need to use it up within a month, so any more quantity would mean wastage.
  • Indeed gives a beautiful glow which remains throughout the day. No irritation of skin due to all natural ingredients
  • Apple cider vinegar, Argan oil, oats, Kasturi Haldi, rice powder, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and almond oil- These are the MAGIC ingredients for total skincare and imagine having all of them in one kit! :D
Points where I would like to see some improvements:

  • The packaging can be more professional when she starts the venture officially. The cleanser packet had burst during transit and some of the powder had spilled inside the packet L A container would be preferable. The Scrub and the eye cream can be accompanied with a small spatula for hygiene purpose.
  • The toner should come in a larger quantity because it finishes up too soon. For 1000 bucks, I would expect the whole kit to last at least a month.
  • I would have preferred the eye cream’s price to be included in Rs.1000. But if the toner’s quantity is increased, then the present price seems fine.
  • Oily skinned people would find the eye cream a bit too heavy.
Recommendation: I am super impressed by Deepika’s products. I would really recommend it to everyone, esp. brides-to-be as a regular skincare regime to get that ultimate glow on their special day.
Rating: 4.7/5
You can contact Deepika, know more about Sutra products and get your customized Skincare regime by clicking here:
Disclaimer: Product sent by the brand but the views are completely honest
With Love,

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