Do-it-Yourself Super Effective Anti-Tan Remedy

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Post by: Aditi (Asst. Editor, Elegant Eves)
Hello ladies, I am back after a very long gap. Hope you all are enjoying the blog articles. As I have already mentioned that in case of make-up I am a total novice but when it comes to skincare I don’t miss any opportunity to pamper my skin with good products. After a long stay at the hostel, it is high time to rejuvenate my skin with all the homemade products. So today I am going to share a super-easy to make face pack that is in itself a scrub as well as a moisturiser. Enjoy reading… J
Curd, honey, lemon, Rice powder
Super Effective Anti-Tan Remedy

·         Rice Powder (Chaaler Guro as we call it in Bengali)
·         Honey
·         Curd
·         Lemon

Curd, honey, lemon, Rice powder
Super Effective Anti-Tan Remedy

All are easily available in home and it takes just 3 to 4 minutes to make the pack.
1.   At first take two spoonfuls of Rice powder.
2.   Add one spoon of honey
3.   Add two spoons of curd
4.   Add a squeeze of lime/lemon
5.    Mix them thoroughly until it turns into a thick, whitish grainy mixture.

It should look like this!
Curd, honey, lemon, Rice powder
Super Effective Anti-Tan Remedy
            Apply it gently all over the face and neck region. Now start the circular motion both in clock wise and anticlockwise direction with the tip of your finger especially on the chick, T-zone, forehead and neck region. Do it for 5minutes and then keep it for another 5-8minutes and then wash it thoroughly.

The result of using this homemade scrub is truly fascinating. The skin becomes smooth, clean, soft and moisturised with a gorgeous glow! (Pure bliss)!!!! It removes the dead cells and dirt from the skin and makes it supple and glowing! It can be used twice in a week.
 The rice powder used here acts as scrub and honey & curd both function as moisturiser! And lemon acts as the natural bleach as we all know!
Thus this face pack is all in one acting both as a scrubber and a moisturiser! J
Note: Unlike popular notion that tanning only causes darkening of skin, unfortunately tanning ALSO causes drying of skin which leads to pre-mature ageing. This scrub being natural bleach and a moisturizer will help you tackle both! J

Pros and Cons
Let us take a glance in all the pros and cons of this pack quickly!
«  All the ingredients are easily available in home
«  It takes a very short time for preparation
«  No harmful side effects
«  No chemicals added
«  It can be stored in refrigerator for further use!

Ummmm... NO CONS! ;)
I was very happy using this face-pack that came all on a sudden into my mind and the after effect made me happier! Hope you all like it! Thank uuuuuuu :*
(Recommendations: This will suit every skin type)

Editor’s word’s: Very well written, Aditi! I am sure this pack will come as a savior for removing the summer tan we are all having now.

Disclaimer: Please do not use this pack if you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned. You can do a patch test before trying this if you have very sensitive skin

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