D-I-Y Replenishing Green Tea-Aloe-Rosewater Skin Toner

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Heyyyyyylo! :D I am super excited to do this post today mainly because of the fact that I have stumbled across YET another way to save your money ;) No, I have not changed my blog topics to investment schemes. Fear not! B-) I am just sharing a recipe of a totally awesome homemade toner which is the result of a successful experiment.
I have always loved homemade skincare solutions for my skin. I am in my mid-twenties now and CTM (Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing) routine is absolutely essential in order to maintain good skin health. Although I have never skipped cleansing and moisturizing, I have never really bothered about toning. Till date, I have used maybe one or two toners available commercially. When I finished up the bottles, I didn't bother to go get another one. I know that rose water is the best toner around but somehow I am never content with rosewater only. The other day I was browsing through the benefits one could get on application of green tea on facial skin. I also have an aloe-vera plant at home which finds its way in my ubtan bowl daily. So finally I decided to incorporate these two and make a totally herbal, chemical-free toner for myself and maa. The ingredients are listed below:

1. Rosewater (I have used Dabur Gulabari 30 ml bottle which cost me Rs.15)
2. Glycerine (My bottle costs Rs.23.50. But you would need only a teaspoon of it)
3. A 2 inch piece of fresh aloe vera leaf
4. Two teaspoons of green tea
5. A clean empty bottle for storing the toner (I have used an old Fab India toner bottle)
6. Grater for juicing the aloe vera, a saucepan for brewing green tea and a sieve for straining it
The Steps are explained in the pictures below. If you need further clarification on any point, I would love to hear from you in the comments.

After all the steps are done, you can add your own sweet label on the bottle :) And don’t forget to shake the bottle every time before you use it. Store in fridge and use within a week (You want a fresh product every week, don’t you?)
Now let us see what nutrition punch this toner has for you! :D
Green Tea: A great anti-oxidant and unclogs pores too
Aloe-vera: Moisturizes, heals irritated skin, treats acne, heals sunburns and reduces inflammation. It is known as the “wonder plant”.
Rose Water: Freshens the skin, maintains pH-balance, and helps fight acne, dermatitis and eczema. It smoothens out skin too.
Glycerin: Restores and maintains suppleness of skin.
Oily skinned beauties may skip glycerin and add a pinch of camphor to the solution.
Ta-Daaaa!! Your very own toner without spending a bomb ;) You can do the calculation yourself and see how much it took ;)
Disclaimer: Please do not use this toner if you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned above. And please remember that unclean bottle, improper handling and storage may lead to spoilage which will make the product unfit for use.
Do give this a try and let me know if this works for you! <3
With love!


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