Elegant Eves? Huh??!

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Hello World!
I know what just might come to your mind after reading the title of this post complete with question marks and exclamation marks. "This-is-one -confused-woman" Well, your are right partially because although I DO know what all I will be rambling about here in the coming days, I presently have NO CLUE how to sum it all up in this first post. But I need to do this because I want the readers (if there will be any!:D) to know what to expect in this blog. So I am taking a brave attempt, ladies! (Drum-rolls!).
But before all such "morbid" details, I have to mention a very important fact. The sole reason why I am able to post today is my friend Natasha Bhatt, owner of a wonderful beauty blog herself. Why? Because I am technologically challenged (Yes, I am confused even with CLEAR step by step instructions) And it was Natasha who actually added all the tabs and what not here. Yes, I was only sitting like a pumpkin after changing the background theme of the blog :) She helped the damsel in distress. 

Coming back to what I will be posting here, it will be articles on how to look and feel your best without making your pocket feel the worst ;) More precisely:
1. Budget friendly product discussions and beauty "Whats" and "Hows" for the VERY beginners as well as those who want to learn new stuff.
2. Eye-makeup tutorials (With step by step images) YES! My favorite part ;)
3. Products which woo-ed me completely (I am a very hard-to-please being) and products which made me cry buckets for the money I wasted on them.
4. Easy-to-cook dishes as and when I get the kitchen at my disposal. 
5. Lastly, whatever I feel like rambling about at that moment ;)
For Up-to-date swatches of new products, there are some wonderful blogs run by my friends which are so awesome that I always rely on their swatches myself :) Feel free to Google them. As for this blog, since I come from a town where there is very little option when it comes to cosmetics, I would not be able to give you pictures of latest launches very regularly. Pardon me for that :) 
I guess, you are already yawning now! ok ok! I will stop my pen here with the disclaimer that I am not a professional, however I DO have some experience in all these years of observing people who went overboard with makeup disasters and wrong approach to looking good. I am just here to give my bit on how to avoid that! ;)
With all my love,
(An overly excited Aparajita) 
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